Two things that I love are black on black on black (...on black) & magazine freebies, so this month's UK Glamour definitely delivered. Black nail polish has been a staple of mine since my ~witchy~ childhood, but as I've gotten older, I like to think of my propensity for noir more as an influence of parisienne street style, rather than the addams family/the craft-influenced dark days of my youth. I've gone through countless amount of bottles of the black stuff, starting out with 99 cent bottles of wet n wild, and eventually graduating onto Essie's licorice. When I saw this shade I knew I just had to have it. I've been super pleased with all the nails inc. shades I've used in the past (Motcomb Street is another shade I love - it's basically a navy that looks...black.) so I knew this would be no exception. It's everything I could ever want in a nail polish...dark, creamy, glossy, and opaque in one coat. I've only had it on for a day, but no sign of any chipping just yet. It's perfection and would make Morticia (or Fiona Goode) very proud.

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