From the City of Angels to the Big Smoke to the Emerald Isle, I am on the move yet again. I don't think I'm sad to leave London behind (I know I will return someday soon). My life has become somewhat nomadic and I think the gypsy lifestyle is rather becoming. Wanderlust has been the motivation behind all my recent life decisions, and I know my thirst for experience and knowledge will all contribute to my personal development. I am not lost. I am not in search of a place of belonging or a proverbial home. I'm beginning to recognize that home has nothing to do with latitude and longitude, but rather is a state of mind that I experience when I am at peace and in balance. I need to cultivate a sense of home and belonging within myself, and I have reached the conclusion that traveling is what I need. I'm so excited to see what the coming months will bring. I am determined to find my own sense of personal enlightenment, being a stranger in foreign cities and wandering unknown streets. 

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  1. Appropriate to relax, to travel, and then bring the family, that would be what a memorable!