I've begun the long process of dissertation writing...something I should have probably started months ago, but c'est la vie. Now I can no longer deny the existence of it's impending due date. Thank heavens I've managed to come up with an idea that I find incredibly fascinating. I'll be writing about Fitzgerald's use of physical landscapes as social and political commentary in a selection of his novels and short stories...an idea that just hit me out of the blue and one that my supervisor seems to think is quite an 'excellent idea'. The roaring twenties, or the Jazz Age, as Fitzgerald liked to refer to it as, is one of my favorite time periods. The era has been a bit overexposed as of late thanks to the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby (which I still can't decide if I loved) but I have always been captivated by it. Fitzgerald is my all time favorite writer...he just has a magical way of capturing and immortalizing moments of beautiful melancholy and profundity through his lyrical and evocative words.

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