Recently I had a bit of an accident in the kitchen, that involved my hand and some boiling hot water. I won't go into the details of my idiocy, but needless to say there was a fair bit of panic, screaming and to paraphrase the magical Jennifer Lawrence, I said a bad word...that starts with f.

The result was a huge second degree burn across my thumb, a bit of my palm and a good portion of the back of my hand. Knowing it would leave a nasty scar if not treated properly I swiftly hopped onto the old interweb and did a search for good burn treatments. Most of the recommendations were full of harsh chemicals and pretty expensive. Then I remembered reading that coconut oil was good for all kinds of skin maladies. Turns out my little brain knows how to be smart sometimes! Coconut oil is indeed great for burns and has vitamin E, which is also particularly good for healing skin.

I've had a tub of coconut oil for a while now that I've been using mainly as a hair treatment (and to cook with every now and then!) so I figured I'd give it a go. It has done miracles for my burn. After I let it heal a bit, so that it was past the point of being raw and susceptible to infection (gross, sorry!) the skin was left feeling tight and very dry. Since then I've been rubbing a small amount of coconut oil onto the affected area and the skin has been left feeling so much softer, smoother and it has begun to lighten in color.

I'm so glad to have discovered this natural miracle product. It has so many health benefits...it's almost as if it's good for everything. I've been loving using it in my hair, I swear my hair has been growing faster since I started using it. It's also great for cooking as it aids in digestion and can help with weight loss by increasing metabolism. Although I've never tried it, I've also read about people raving about it as a makeup remover. There's so many things that coconut oil is useful for...you can read all the health benefits of coconut oil HERE.

You can find coconut oil at any health food store, and a lot of supermarkets should carry it as well. I got my jar at my local Sainsbury's for about £7. Just make sure to get organic virgin coconut oil! 

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