times they are a changin'

well first things first, i live here now. things have changed so much in the last few months and i have barely been able to wrap my silly little head around it. i live on my own in a whole new country and so far it has been terrifying and bloody brilliant (too much, too soon?). 

i know that if i don't document this in some way, i will regret it so much later in life. but one of the things that has not changed is my blogging ineptitude. i am not going to promise myself regular updates. things will progress and documentation will naturally follow. 

more about my new little wonderland will be on it's way, someday. 


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading about your adventures! Carpe Diem Roisin!!!


    1. thanks so much, krish. i obviosuly haven't done a great job at updating, but we'll see how it goes. your support means the world xx