we all get the slip sometimes every day

it's been quite a while! summer was hot and beautiful and way too fast! it could possibly have been my last summer in california for a while, so i tried to soak in every second of it. school is nearly done and i can't believe that in about a months time, i'll be done with university! i technically should have been done a few months ago, but c'est la vie. no idea what i'll be doing after graduation...i'll likely be witnessing first hand the uselessness of a degree in english literature!

 anyway, this post comes out of the blue and is totally random but for about the 498234 zillionth time, i've decided to give this another crack which will inevitably last about 5 minutes...blogging may not be for me, but i do enjoy looking back at my sporadic attempts so that's good enough for me. this is going to be a in and out type of post, which i enjoy reading more than i probably should.

 - made in chelsea: words cannot express how obsessed i am with this show...yes, it's a bit cheesy and ott but omgiloveit! i love the characters (is that what we call reality show people?) and the way it's edited with great music and shots of beautiful london...it's basically the perfect show for me. on a side note, i nearly DIED when rosie from the show tweeted me! i'm obsessed with her style and blog!
 - british television in general...mic gets it's own spot because it holds a special place in my heart, but there's a bunch of other UK shows that i'm loving...i'm so glad that misfits is back, but i'm not too sure how i feel about the new guy...still it's one of my faves so i'm looking forward to the new season. i'm also loving x factor! i've heard people complaining that this season isn't great, but i'm enjoying it a lot more than the us version. my fave so far is janet and my mom is obsessed with marcus...she calls him her "pet"! bless.
 - UD naked palette: everyone has this. it's amazing and basically contains every eyeshadow i could ever need or want...from simple to smokey, this palette is lush.
 - florence + the machine's new album: tribal, haunting, gorgeous. i want florence to be the soundtrack of my life. if you haven't listened, trust me...it's worth it.
- we found love...the latest song from rihanna. i think the video is brilliant and i can't stop singing the song. it's not the type of music i typically go for, but i'm so into it! 

 - los angeles weather: seriously? 80 degrees in november? i was sweating drinking my pumpkin spice latte today. i need to wear boots soon, so the weather is going to have to cooperate with me.
 - school: i know, i'm almost done, but i am so not feeling it right now. i've got papers, exams and presentations all creeping up on me and i just don't want to deal with it right now!
 - topshop & their unfair pricing: there's so much that i want to order from them right now, but the us pricing is just ridiculous. most cases the conversion is almost twice as expensive!!?!

so i guess that's a bit of an update/ where my brain is right now... hope you are all doing well and have a beautiful day!

p.s. just so this isn't entirely text...adele is ALWAYS AND FOREVER IN! but i would like her to quit smoking please, because that voice is just too precious to play around with.


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