life lately...

finally summer break is here!! well...kind of. i'm taking summer classes so that i will be done with school earlier than expected, but it's only six weeks and they're night classes, so i still have all day to be lazy and summery! i can't believe that after this summer, i'll be in my last semester of university!! time gone by all too quickly but i can't wait for what the future holds..anyway. i figured i'd do a little "random things i'm loving type thing" they seem to be the easiest thing to do when pressed for ideas.

1. i'm absolutely LOVING chanel's vitalumiere aqua foundation! the coverage and the finish that it leaves on the skin is just gorgeous. i used to use nars sheer glow, but this is definitely my new love. it's pricey at around $45, but the quality is just incomparable. i also love the makeup on the promotional image...it's everything i love about summer makeup - simple but so pretty!

2. gaga is back! well, she's never really gone anywhere, but her new album came out today and i've been listening to it all day...i know she may not be everyone's cup of tea, and for a long time she wasn't mine either, but now i'm obsessed! definitely my guilty please...i've been singing edge of glory non-stop...at first i was thinking "this is too normal to be gaga"...and then the 80's-tastic saxophone solo hits you....so random!

3. i'm currently lusting over jeffrey campbell lita's...now this is noteworthy for me because i used to really not like them...but i saw a girl wearing them a few days ago irl and all of a sudden i just had to have them. i also saw this post by gabriella at not so basic and they looked so awesome on her that it just made me want to get them even more...the only question now is, which color???

4. i've been loving piling on the bracelets and these from h&m are my current faves...the colors are so gorgeous and i cannot believe they only cost $3.95!! i would honestly have paid 5x that amount for them!!

5. and lastly, i am SO excited to be seeing adele at the greek theatre on june 6!!! she is just so talented, it kills me. her voice...oh my god, it quite literally sends shivers down my spine and brings tears to my eyes. love her!

that's all for now..hope you have a lovely day


  1. awww sweetie of course I don't mind about the mention; I'm ust glad you liked the post enough to mention me - I'm flattered ;)

    I say buy the Litas in a colour that is best suited for when you're going to wear them. If you're going to wear them more during the day then go for a pale colour! If more evening then dark! although I do wear mine out too!

    Very jealous that you're going to see Adele! Let me know how she is!


  2. not at all! i really love the colour of your lita's -- i'm so used to seeing them in black, so your beige ones were refreshing to see. i'm also wayy into camel-y coloured shoes atm! i think i;m going to go for a paler one!! x

    & i know we're all so excited to see adele...i'm sure she'll be amazing, as per usual!