a few random musings...

i need these shoes in my life. they have that lolita-esque thing going on, which i'm way into. but at the same time they're pretty practical because we all know giant front platforms make otherwise ridiculous shoes feel almost comfortable. almost.

my heart seriously skipped a beat when i saw this lydia courteille ring for the first time. i think it's absolutely stunning and is everything i could ever ask for in a ring. unfortunately this little beauty will never belong to me...it's listed as 'price available upon request' which we all know are four of the scariest words in the english language. i did some research on the designer and found this other piece from the browns website...it costs more than my entire life, pretty much. wow.

and onto one of the weirder things i've seen this week..out of nowhere, i decided that i was interested in a black chainmail shirt. to be honest, i don't think i even really knew what that meant, so i googled it. one of the results was this:

click on the photo to see it in it's full medieval glory!!

THIS IS A REAL THING!!! i was equally parts disturbed and intrigued. apparently it's capable of withstanding small shark attacks. always a plus. and it's fully wearable, perfect for battle AND wrinkle free!! but unfortunately, another reviewer pointed out that it's greasy, so i think i'm gonna have to pass :(

until next time babes


  1. ahahahahahahhahahahahaha ommmmg that guy ... too much.

    & THOSE SHOES. I NEED THEM. drooldrooldrool.

  2. DIGGING this ring!! Those 4 words really are terrible too...Maybe if you strike lucky and win the lottery you can get one?

  3. ^ oh god, if only! I would be a happy little magpie :)