strawberry sky dusted with white winter powder sugar sun

lately i've become fascinated with flesh-tone everything. i know this isn't a "new trend" or anything, but my wardrobe consists mainly of black, charcoal, navy and grey. colour is something that i never usually gravitate towards when it comes to my clothes, so all these nudes, beiges, pinks, etc. are very out of character for me. i've also been weirdly fascinated with "granny chic" which, again, is unlike what i typically go for. here's a few things i've been lusting over on the topshop website.

clockwise from top right: ring, silk dress, knit cardigan, boots, leather satchel, pattern tights

i'd wear all of this together, right now, if i could. i especially love the bag. i've been dying for a mulberry alexa, but as i've mentioned before...poor student! maybe this topshop version could do for now?

have a lovely rest of the week!
xx roisin

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  1. I really really wanted that topshop satchel but it's TINY. Reaaaaally small and I really wanted a roomy satchel so that's a no for me :( It's still veeeery pretty. And so is everything else! I love the colour scheme xx