night blooming flowers and the scent of the ocean

i've never really been one to wear perfume on a daily basis...until now that is. i've just found my dream fragrance and i've been singing it's praises from the rooftops. not really, but you know what i mean. my scent of choice is miss dior cherie. i love everything about this perfume. it's name represents it well, because it's such a youthful, fun and carefree fragrance. i'm awful at describing scents, but according to the description, the notes in miss dior cherie include jasmine, citrus, patchouli, musk, strawberries and caramel popcorn, of all things. whatever, is in it, it's working for me. the bottle is so simple and chic, something you'll be proud to show off on your dressing table. and to top it all off, the face of the perfume is the insanely gorgeous and talented natalie portman (have you seen black swan? if you haven't, go. now.)and who could ever forget that beautiful sofia coppola directed commercial? i honestly can't say enough good things about this amazing perfume...i'm in love!

have a great day!
xx roisin

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  1. Jasmine and Patchouli are my fave scents. THrow in a bit of ylang ylang and youve got yourself a winner!