today was wet

in the words of the almighty john lennon...so this is christmas, and what have you done?


it's kind of crazy how quickly time goes by. i have no idea how christmas has managed to sneak up on me like this. as usual, i've procrastinated like no tomorrow and have yet to do any of my shopping. every year i tell myself that i won't put it off until the last minute, and here i am, yet again, trying desperately to rack my brains for any last minute gift ideas. le sigh.

the weather in los angeles makes it so hard to get into the holiday spirit. no matter what decorations i put up, the bright sunshine outside seems to contradict it all. we've had some rain for the past few days which has been a lovely change but the next week has been giving the all clear, and the forecast for christmas is 'sunny'. oh well, i guess i'm just going to have to make due with what i've got.

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