i'll be the one to show you the way

tanja s london

hey lovelies!

i've chained myself to my laptop again, hoping to make a dent on the piles of homework that i have to finish. why do professors insist on throwing buckets of papers on us at the end of the semester? i was just taking a bit of a study break and happened across these amazingly gorgeous shoes. i can't figure out how to purchase them on the website and i don't believe i've ever seen this brand in stores before...i'm sure i couldn't afford them anyway...so i guess it's back to the books for now. i cannot wait for this semester to be over. only 2 weeks left!


  1. gorgeous!
    ugh i want those shoes.
    dear santa...

  2. Those shoes are incredible. I want a pair!...not that I could afford them either. A girl can dream right?

    And I did see Lady Gaga live, it was right before she hit it really big and it was incredible. :)

  3. oh damn you schoolwork !
    & omg, yes, need that first pair , NEEEEED.

  4. love the shoes! reminds me of bcbg mendel booties.