you taste just like glitter mixed with rock and roll

you see this glittery concoction? i don't know if you can, because the picture is pretty small, so if you have crappy eyes like me you might have to squint. anyway, it's been haunting my dreams since i saw it in the new york times style magazine a week or so ago. i feel extremely tempted to walk into decades and try it on, but that might just be a bit too masochistic. (plus i think they're beginning to catch on to me in that store. i think i'm pretty much notorious in there by now.) apparently it's by a designer by the name of michal vollbracht, who i google-stalked and found absolutely nothing on. i'm dying to see what the rest of this collection looks like!


  1. wow thats gorgeous .
    i think mango might be selling something similar, if you like :]

  2. Wow. A bit extravagant, but I like the concept. I just wish i could pull it off :)
    you should update your blog more often. I really like it.

  3. jessica: omgosh, thanks so much for the ti, i will definitely be looking into that! :)

    anon: thank you, i will definitely try to update more often, hopefully i will follow through :)