on the edge of dreams that you had

so lately, my horoscopes have been telling me that change is on the horizon. all i can say is that i'm praying that it's true. honestly, i have nothing whatsoever to complain about - i understand how easy i have it. yet, i can't help but feel stuck. i just feel like this town, these people, these situations are suffocating me. i'm suffocating myself. i feel like i just need to dive into something and experience new, crazy things. i guess summer is the best time for such changes. what's going to be changing, i dunno. but it's the time of the season. this summer i plan on grabbing life by the hair and milking it for all it's worth. all my life i've been called the shy one, the quiet one. only because i've been silencing myself. if only they knew what was going on in this brain of mine, they would call me something different entirely. i'm going to break down my walls. i'm going to be free. i'm going to be me.
baby steps, of course.


  1. I love your closing words.
    So true
    and the best of luck.