as one door closes, another one opens

as of yesterday, this blog is officially one year old. and yet, i only have a handful of posts. over this past year i've made excuses for why i haven't been blogging on a regular basis. i guess i just assumed that it was because i didn't have enough time or whatever, but as i thought about it, i came to the realization that i'm just not cut out to be a fashion blogger. i could never think of anything inspiring enough or original enough to post. something that wouldn't be a waste of your time.
with that said, this isn't goodbye. just a little bit of a makeover. a new chapter, if you will. looking back at the posts i've done this year, i honestly don't even feel like it was me writing them. maybe i've changed as a person. i really don't know. but reading back on them just made me realize that i need to move on. i've decided to make this blog more of a personal journal for myself. not like...dear diary, today i...no. from now on i'll just be posting whatever i'm thinking of, or feeling, or loving, or hating at the moment. of course there will still be fashion related things because after all, fashion is one of the loves of my life. it just won't be the main focus as much.
my life isn't terribly exciting. this'll just be something for me to look back on and be able to use to look at how i grow as a person. if i still have readers, great. if i have zero readers, great. this really is something i'm doing for myself. feel free to stay tuned & read, but by all means, please don't feel obliged.

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