and i'm holding tight to that night we had a ball

Hallelujah, dudes. My laptop has been resurrected from the dead! It's been acting like a total cow for the past 2 weeks & finally, it has been fixed. I've had to resort to my iphone's internet & let me tell you - that was not fun. I considered hurling it out the window a couple hundred times. But whatever...that's in the past. I'm looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs & getting back to posting on here.

My way of apologizing for being MIA lately...I present you with pretty pictures. One of my favorite models & one of my favorite movies. C'est parfait.

vogue us december 2004 by annie leibovitz


  1. this is one of my all-time favorite editorials. whenever i see it on someone's blog, i get so excited! it's just stunning.

  2. Adorable pictures!


  3. niiiice kings of leon reference, lady

    what an editorial. annie always blows me away

  4. oh , that natalia shoot is possibly one of her best .
    ever .

  5. hands down my favourite vogue editorial of all time, favourite photographer model character and concept.

  6. your most recent post made me so happy.. i think so many fashion bloggers want to be the best, the most unique, the most original, etc etc. it's awesome to hear you address that. there's so much blog clutter, im really looking forward to your blog's new style