california waiting

So sorry for the lack of posts. I swear I'm not dead. The last week has been pure mayhem with midterms, projects due, application deadlines and lots and LOTS of starbucks. I'm so ready for summer to come. I actually can't stand the weather...I hate being hot and sweaty and my poor Irish skin burns & turns a not-so-lovely shade of rouge. I'm really looking forward to the carefree days of sitting in the backyard (under an umbrella!) and reading a good book. These pictures put me in a summer mood. Lily D is so beautiful...

vogue nippon october 2007


  1. Ahhh these get me excited for summer too! And what you said about sitting in the backyard under the umbrella reading ♥ What a perfect way to spend a hot day! And with plenty of cold drinks in hand.

    Well now the week is over and hopefully you can relax a bit on the weekend!!

    Lily is stunning ♥ xx

  2. hi lady!!!! missed you :)

    i love these of Lily- saw them yesterday for the first time and fell in love with the overall feel and lighting.

    I hate the heat tooooo- my body seems to have taken on my mother's pale polish genes of late (as opposed to the days be gone when i could sit endlessly in the sun, like my lebanese genes were made to do!) and now i have Z E R O tolerance for any form of heat/sun- i'm always trying to get shade, because i get so red! It's good for the hazards of skin damage but apart from that, really annoying!

    S O i sympathize ;)


  3. lily fucking d !!
    i am in love with her, forever and always .
    okay that sounds very creeper .
    oh well :)
    i love the photos, and starbucks, and when my irish skin doesn't burn ;)

  4. i need the second outfit .
    and the third last .
    oh, and her body ?
    okthxbye .

  5. These pictures are so whimsical and dreamy. Makes me want to spray on some patchouli and roll in the flowers. And you are so right, Lily is a stunner!

    Wishes for a fabulous Easter for a fabulous girl!


  6. THANK you for posting these pictures, they are all so gorgeous and have a surreal like quality. I've saved them all to my inspo file xo

  7. oh i have been missing out so much on your posts i cannot believe it!!!! i loveeee these editorials, the one with the fur coat reminded me of a shot kate moss was in somehow!

    ooh about tanya d's rochas, i'm left wondering if it was a front zipper or a side zipper...hmm..and the leather must be super super flexible to be able to be knotted up like that! amazing, i want to try it when i get my thigh-high boots!!!

    gros bisous!

  8. oh i love love LOVE LILY! succch a doll...and these photos feel like they are from another world..gorgeous!

    xxx bel

  9. Love the photos! They're so dreamy..

    Thanks for your comment! Hope you're doing well :D
    xo, Kate

  10. those pictures make me want summer so much! your blog is so inspiring <3 xx

  11. love those photos, your blog is wicked xxx

  12. I ove this editorial, lily looks wonderful as always. x

  13. I love Lily! Let the sun shine please!

  14. beautiful photos! i wish i could turn my photos into something like thiss..

  15. Love these photos they are so perfec and autumn like!
    Beth xx