I am completely obsessed with everything English. The cities, the countryside, the customs, the people - everything. Ever since childhood, I have loved all things British. I believe that I also tried to switch over to an English accent once or twice.
So I thought it proper to dedicate a post to my favorite country in the world! There are so many reasons why I love Blighty, but here are a few...

1. London... my favorite city in the ENTIRE PLANET! I've been there a few times, but the last time I went was when I was 17, and I just felt such a connection to that place. I felt at home - like I was where I belonged. I loved all the different little neighborhoods and the shopping was amazing. I can't wait until I live there.

2. It girls... all of my fashion saavy favorites seem to come out of England. Coincidence? I think not.

3. Tea...anyone that knows me knows that I'm slightly obsessed with sipping on tea. Good old English Breakfast is my fave.

4. Boys... I am a sucker for lovely British men. These 2 just happen to be my favorites. Look at those devilish grins. Yes, please!

5. British words... Even though I have a far inferior accent (Californian - gag me) I still like to talk as if I were English. Favorite words of mine include bloody, dodgy, knickers, telly, and wanker. I think wanker is #1.


  1. lol. wanker's a pretty good one ;)

  2. Oh man, I think we were like, separated at birth. Haha :D I agree and am IN LOVE with all of the above! England is my favorite. When I went to London this past summer, I felt like I could totally thrive and live there. There's definitely an amazing vibe there for young adults.

    xo, Kate

  3. pahaha, yeah wanker is always a good insult ;]
    oh & tea, & alexa, & londoooon is ♥

  4. i just wrote a post about my brit love! those boys are so cute!

  5. fantastic fantastic post! i love it all. sadly i have never been :( but would give up my 21 pairs of jeans to go anyday! i love the london girls...too good

    thanks so much for your comment! you are as sweet as candy miss :)

    happy wednesday love!

    xx love LM

  6. hi, just discovered your blog and stopped by. Love it.
    Come to see mine

  7. Great post. I feel like Moss is one of the most famous things about the UK. She should be on stamps.

  8. ha ha I love England too, lucky for me, most of those words are used quite frequently in Australia. My favourite brand of water is actually called "Another Bloody Water". And i use the word wanker way way more than I should. But i wasn't sure if people in the US did as well.



  9. Aw, I love this post, I'm rather fed up of England to be honest, I wouldn't mind trading for a while!

  10. I love all things British as well!!!!

  11. ooohh i love the uk soo much, would love to live there aswell. I lived in ldn over a year. now i m back in germany and i regret coming back

  12. Why would you want British weather?! We're pasty buggers in the UK. We also like to complain *red*

    The best thing about being from the UK is knowing that you live in a Kingdom :)