paint that face

Originally I was going to do a post on all the happenings at fashion week, but I thought it would be a little repetitive to just post the same shots that you're most likely seeing everywhere else. So I decided to just hold off until the very end and just do a post with my very favorite looks. So for now, I'm doing a "beauty post". I kind of hate calling it that, as it implies that it takes makeup and such to be beautiful...which it doesn't. But I guess that's just the understood name for these types of things. C'est la vie.

I don't really wear much makeup. In fact, a lot of days I hardly wear any at all, but these items are the main things that I use...

1. Neutrogena Original facial bar - I swear by this stuff. I used to spend lots of money on fancy cleansers, but this one time, on vacation in Mexico I forgot to bring my cleanser. This was the stuff that they had in the hotel, so I had to use it. Long story short, my skin never looked better after that incident and I have been using it ever since. Plus, it's dirt cheap which doesn't hurt.

2. Lush Celestial moisturizer - This cream is amazing. The smell, the texture, everything. It's all natural, organic, and handmade too. I just love how soft it makes my skin feel. This is what I imagine heaven smells like.

3. Bare Minerals powder in fairly light - I'm completely new to foundation. As in, I just started wearing it 2 weeks ago. But already, I can tell that this stuff is awesome. I only use a verrry tiny amount because I hate that makeup-y look, but it really evens everything out and looks very natural.

4. Rosebud Salve lip balm - I've gone through so many tins of this balm, and I never tire of it. I love the natural color and the silky smooth feel when it's on my lips.

5. Benefit gilded eyeliner - If I'm just going to wear this on an everyday basis, I use a small amount for a little bit of gold shimmer, but if I'm going out or something, I like to put a little more and do a bit of a gold smokey eye.

6. Chanel Exeptionnel de Chanel mascara - The most perfect mascara ever. I've tried so many and never found one I was completely satisfied with until I found this one. It gives killer volume and actually holds the curl on my eyelashes, something no other mascara could do.

7. MAC eye kohl in smolder - I love how intense the color is on this. Plus, it's super soft and perfect for smudging to create the easiest smokey eye ever.

So...what are some of your favorite products??

photo credit: michael oats photography


  1. Your blog is fabulous!!!

  2. Great post! I have too many favourites to even begin listing them!

  3. ohmy, ive got to go out & try that lush moisturizer & neutrogena face soap, as im forever looking for the perfect fash wash as well. & what a cute story! i love it when you just happen upon things that end up becoming a longtime favourite.

    im a bit biased as i love everything nars, especially their blushers & eyeshadows but i also cant live without my rosebud salve & my favourite face stockholm lipstick.

    im not much into the whole makeup look either...

    fabulous post, rosheen darling!


  4. I love your makeup selection! It is so shimmery and sexy. Anything black and gold will always have my seal of approval.