stud muffin

Feast your eyes on my very first polyvore creation! Well, I guess it isn't spectacular, but I'm just learning the inner workings of that thing. A lot of the polyvore sets I've seen in the past have been really creative, with all sorts of crazy background images and techno stuff that I could never do myself. So this will have to suffice for me. I kind of like the simplicity of it all. What can I say, I'm a simple girl.

So yeah, this is just a starting point. I filled this set with things that I'm kind of crazy about at this minute. How mental is that Balmain skirt?? Love it. And those shoes...oldies, but goodies. I've loved those shoes from the second I laid eyes on them. Ok, story time...I was at some random Nordstrom Rack a few days after Thanksgiving and I'm looking in the shoe section and what do I see? Yes, these bad boys. Reduced down to $199! I was secretly dying and hyperventilating. BUT NO! I try them on and they're a size too big. Obviously, I was devastated. So I did a bad thing. I was so angry that I decided that if I couldn't have them, then nobody could. And I hid them in the mens section. Am I wicked or what? I felt really badly about it later on. I'm guessing an employee found it eventually, right? Whatever, I'm still bitter.

Items: American Apparel leotard, Balmain tulle skirt, Burberry studded heels, YSL jewel ring, Vivienne Westwood skull ring, Tom Binns cross necklace, Chanel 2.55, Ray-Ban clubmasters


  1. omg omg omg! I love it!! I just did my first polyvore the other day, it's on my blog too.

    That a HOT outfit mama! xo

  2. P.S Don't be ashamed about the shoe incident. Nobody else would have rocked them like you :) losers! haha

  3. just call me a my little pony fantatic! haha =]

    and thank you<3


  4. This polyvore creation is gorgeous!
    The Balmain skirt is sooo beautiful!

    Haha I loved your revenge against the shoe, so sad it wasn't in your size!!

    beautiful blog !!!

  5. your blog title is FANTASTIC! love this look as well!

  6. Don't worry, I did that once with a costume national jacket that was half a size too big.

    It's actually fun to see what people put together, regardless of what the final results are. I will be expecting more from you

  7. Wonderful selection.
    Love everuthing in it.