I wasn't originally planning on showing my mug on here, and I don't think I will be doing this very often...but I was crazy bored recently and took some pictures of myself wearing my new favorite sunnies (the clubmasters mentioned a few posts back). Then I played around on photoshop etc, etc and decided to post it here just so you guys could see who I am and stuff. And since I'm wearing shades I can still go somewhat incognito, I guess. I'm pretty much the most paranoid person in the world, so I have no idea what is compelling me to do this right now. Whatever, this is me:

I can't even begin to explain how much I adore these sunnies. They are seriously the most comfortable ones that I own. Sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing them. Yes, they're that good.


  1. you read my mind on these sunglasses

  2. i got a pair of those for my last birthday.

    i got so many compliments on them the first day i wore them out - it was insane.

    they look fab on you, love.

    youre so very pretty.

    lots of love, x

  3. love the sunglasses. but the necklace? gorgeous.

  4. they look great on you ...unfortunately, I think my head is too big for them and they had to go back! :)

  5. thanks for coming by leChic and leaving that awesome comment :)

    Your blog is amazing- i'm going to link you, k?- the title basically suggests two off my all-time favourite things!

    And those Chanel cupcakes below look delish!


  6. ohh! love the shades. and you have the prettiest face! thanks for the comment on my blog, the shirt is levi's from my dad's closet! great isn't? beautifully styled girls think alike.

  7. The glasses are awesome!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)
    I´m liking yours a lot!
    I will definitely keep coming back!

  8. Cute shades. I agree with you about personal pics. I have yet to go that route and I'm not sure I want too, he he.

    Stay chic,

  9. They are fabulous sunglasses!
    So beautiful xx

  10. Hi ro,
    oh what a lovely blog and those glasses. ive been looking for some of those since i first saw them on yasmin but havent had any luck. they look great on you.

    do you want to link blogs?

  11. Thx for the lovely comment ! Your blog is pretty great too ! And you wear so right to show this lovely face wearing those amazing sunglasses...

  12. i LOVE those! and your face is lovely, i will now proceed to stalk you (kidding!)


  13. I don't mind
    In fact, I love when people use my photos in their blogs! It's a pleasure to me, really!

    thanks for your words!


  14. Thank you.

    Lovin' the Retro sunnies! =]


  15. i am loving those sunglasses... i think i may get a pair!

  16. I've seen that style before and liked it, but I don't know if I should look into getting a pair.. Hmm.

    Thanks so much for your comment! I like your blog as well :D

    I'd love to swap links with you!
    xo, Kate

  17. oh good on your for 'coming-mug-out'! i was never going to either..and now look at my blog?! haha i am everywhere! pickaboo!

    anyway getting carried away..but these sunnies are amaaaazing! i want some badly. i am jealous!

    thanks for your sweet comment, your blog is fabulous too.

    exchange links???

    xxx love LM

  18. You're so pretty !! They look great on you. I own them too and I forget they are on as well haha