the september issue

So, I guess it's pretty much agreed that American Vogue just isn't what it used to be, right? What used to be a publication on the cutting edge of fashion featuring the top supermodels, has now been reduced to a generic, predictable magazine featuring whatever celebrity has something they need to promote. I mean, Blake Lively?? Seriously?! Couldn't they at least have sprung for Leighton?

Still, I think the upcoming documentary which just showed at Sundance will be interesting to see. While her work may not be as amazing as her French counterpart Carine, it's no doubt that Anna Wintour's role in the fashion industry is huge. I think it'll be kind of fascinating to see what she has to day, seeing as she rarely gives out interviews. I'm not really sure when this'll be out, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.


  1. Everytime people say things about Vogue like this I think to myself, "Well, she isn't catering to the fashion forward people..."

    Vogue was the first magazine you read when you got into fashion, you know? The one that you read before you really knew your stuff. Before you actually thought about buying any of it. It was the magazine you stole from your mom because she still thought it was cool.

    The people I know who read Vogue are often people who aren't truly interested in fashion but don't want to feel left out. Granted, they could be doing a better job, but for now they fulfill their general purposes.

    Still, can't wait to see the documentary.

  2. I know! I was thinking, Blake?! No way. I love your banner!

  3. Gerry, I completely understand where you're coming from, and I agree. It's just that I feel like it wasn't always that way and for a little while I was...a little bitter, for lack of a better word. Even though I don't read Vogue anymore, I still have a tremendous amount of respect for Anna. :)

  4. Lovely blog. Your header is my current desktop -- such a beautiful photo!


  5. hey ro! I'm gonna link your blog to mine too ;)

  6. I love both Shakespeare and Chanel. I applaud your blog title. =]

    And thank you so much for the pleasant note in my blog. That was quite sweet. :]


  7. I loooove your blog! You have great pictures and a great voice.