Róisíns are awesome

My name is Róisín. Living in the US, when people hear/see my name they're usually like...huh?? I don't blame them. If it weren't my name, I probably wouldn't know how to pronounce it either. Sometimes it gets annoying having to correct people calling me Roy-sin. This is a big problem when I go to Pinkberry. They spell my name wrong on the sticker, and they say it wrong, and then my friends laugh at me. But what am I going to do? This one time in Dublin, I was at Topshop and I was having the saleslady put something on hold for me. She asked for my name. No strange reaction. She spelled it properly on the little paper thingy. It was awesome. Well, I'm pretty much rambling now, so I should probably stop.

Oh, and if anyone is reading this, thinking...So how do you say it? : It's Row-Sheen.
Anywhoo, this one time I was googling myself (you know you've done it too) and obviously not much came up, but the wonderful people at Google inadvertently led me to Róisín Murphy. I looked at a few of her pictures and read her bio and I was intrigued. Then I listened to her music and it was all over. Fierce fashion, amazing music, and a fun, quirky personality? And a super cool name to boot! Count me in!

Just look at this. How many people can pull this off? Honestly.

This girl has more coolness in her left earlobe than I do in my entire body.

photo credit: róisínmurphy.blogspot.com


  1. ohh, hah, sorry, i would've called you roy-sin too !
    at least now i know it's row-sheen .
    i would never have thought it would be pronounced that way, as there's a girl at my school whose name is pronounced that way, though it's spelled rojen .
    anyways .



  2. My name is Gerry and despite the commonness of that name I end up being called Jay or Gary. Oh well.

    Roísín Murphy is pretty neat. I'm not a big fan of her style but I admire her willingness to try all sorts of new things.

    Your blog makes me smile, exchange links?

  3. Roisin Murphy is one of my favorites!! xo

  4. i am so jealous you share something so big with my favourite fille of all time - roisin murphy.

    i absolutely adore her, as if you couldnt already tell.

    im so happy youve found her. (i see you on tfs too ;]) shes just the coolest ever.

    fancy a link trade?