Cool Like Kate

We all know and worship the likes of Carine, Emmanuele Alt, Geraldine Saglio, and Mélanie Huynh. They all have that look down pat (you know what look I'm talking about!) and we adore them for it. Until recently I thought that I had to rely strictly on the Vogue Paris team to serve as my sartorial inspiration. Well, that was until I discovered Kate Lanphear. I read her bio before I ever saw a picture of her, and I have to admit, I wasn't too hopeful at first. She's American and she works for US Elle. Didn't sound all that promising. But I took a peek at some of her snapshots and was very pleasantly surprised. With her chic, rocker style paired with a shock of platinum hair and devil may care attitude, she is steadily climbing onto the radars of many fashion devotees. Dope, Fierce, Major (no one really says major do they?!) - choose whatever adjective you want to describe her. I'm gonna go with...cool.

p.s. please excuse my less than stellar photoshop skills. My poor little brain is just learing all this techno stuff!